Série de couteaux cuisine "Grand Gourmet"

This range of upmarket kitchen knives called “Grand Gourmets” is made up of a Swedish 14C28N stainless steel blade (hardness : between 57 and 59 Rockwell hardness). The different materials available for the handles are : Ebony, Box wood, Juniper, Stag wood. The conical handle widens out towards the bottom of the handle to have a better grip. Each piece is delivered in an individual leather sheath.

The complete “Grands Gourmets” family

  • Chef’s knife 20 cm
  • Santoku knife 20 cm
  • Chef’s knife 16 cm
  • Carving knife 20 cm
  • Bread knife 20 cm
  • Salmon and ham filet knife 20 cm
  • Boning knife 13 cm
  • Tomato, bread knife 12 cm
  • Paring knife 9 cm

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