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Two worshops, the first one next to the store, the other below this one, to sharpen, repair, polish all types of blades :

  • Pocket knives,
  • Table knives,
  • Kitchen knives,
  • Professional knives,
  • scissors.

Other services :

  • Dull or mirror polishing,
  • Serration,
  • Servicing and repairs for the Thiers® by Chambriard” conform to the 5 year guarantee for all our knives.


Various cutlery articles :

  • Table knives
  • Kitchen knives
  • The “C-K Thiers” kitchen secators for multifunction use, in stainless steel.

The Thiers® by Chambriard :

The Thiers® by Chambriard, available in 8 versions.

Art knives :

Some rare knives in damascus steel made by Dominique Chambriard.

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Reception and Contact

Our shop is open seven days a week except on Christmas day, New year’s day, for Easter and 1st November. From Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm non-stop and from 10am to 6pm for Sunday.

Mail order, with our catalog. Available on demand, we can deliver to France and world-wide.


Various services

Traditional cutlery, table knives, kitchen knives for private and professionals, pocket knives, hunting and outdoor knives. but also a large choice of art knives while favoring local cutlers. Thiers’s cutlery, through a hundred manufacturers, offers an unparralled choice of knives from the industrialist to craftsmen.